Alaska Falconry Report

The State of Alaska Falconry Report must be filed with the permitting department at ADF&G every year by January 10th, no exceptions. To keep your permit active, you must file even if you don’t currently have a bird.

NOTICE: Completing the Alaska Falconry Report in AFARS will automatically sends a PDF version of the reports to you, for your records, AND the permitting department of ADF&G. If you are not prepared to submit the report, do NOT click the submit button in the report.

If you do not wish to submit your report electronically, and want to send it in manually, click the “Download PDF” link below to download a blank form and email it to: or Mailed to:  ADF&G/DWC Permits Section P.O. Box 115526 Juneau, AK 99811-5526 Phone: 907-465-4148