The Alaska Falconers Association was founded in 1981 to bring falconers and potential falconers together in an effort to promote conservation and traditional falconry values.

In 1981 there were no falconry laws to speak of in Alaska and very little knowledge of the sport in the state. 

Our founding members were challenged by regulations that were not based on science or conservation but rather made up of best guess ideas born out of a lack of raptor and falconry knowledge .

This lead to limited choices of birds and those choice may not have been the best for the falconer or the bird.

Through the tireless efforts of the association founders and its members, falconry and birds of prey are thriving in Alaska today.

From helping manage out of state (non-resident) take of birds to weighing in on state regulations, the Alaska Falconers Association is here to protect the art and sport of falconry and the birds of prey in Alaska.

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