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Alaska Falconers Vol 1 – 1980

Protecting Birds of Prey and Falconry in Alaska for over 40 years.

Who we are

In order to improve, aid, and encourage competency in the art and practice of falconry among interested persons, we associate ourselves as a non-profit organization, known as the Alaska Falconers Association (AFA).

Our purpose is to 

  • Provide communication among and to all members
  • Promote the scientific study of the raptorial species, their care, welfare, and training
  • Promote conservation of the birds of prey and an appreciation for their value in nature and in wildlife conservation programs
  • Urge recognition of falconry as a legal field sport
  • Establish traditions which will aid, perpetuate and further the welfare of falconry and the raptors it employs

What it takes

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We work hard  protecting Alaska’s birds of prey and Alaskan falconers hunting rights.


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